Leaving the rat race to follow your life’s purpose

In an economy where 50 percent of states are seeing rising unemployment, why would someone leave what many would consider to be a “good job” to work at a low wage in restaurant job.

McKenzie Gray, of New Orleans, has two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Information Systems from Tulane University and master’s degree in Marketing and International Business from the University of Colorado. Yet she chooses to work as a server at the 100-year old New Orleans institution, Pascal’s Manale, and part-time for a professional organizer. Why? The answer might surprise you.

The newest generation of workers, Generation Y, are seeking career fulfillment over a bigger paycheck. When some can’t find that fulfillment they go elsewhere.

McKenzie was working 12 hours a day for bank marketing their proprietary mutual funds, and spending a lot of time on planes, but in the end she realized that her identity was too wrapped up in her job.

In 2005 she quit her job and went on mission trip to Guatemala, and then Asia, and in the process, discovered a calling from God to work on the mission field.

McKenzie sat down with me to discuss why she left her job and what the future might hold.

Interview with McKenzie Gray about following a god given passion from Chris Johnston on Vimeo.

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